Las Pocitas


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Las Pocitas

Las Pocitas is the most exclusive area in Mancora,
and is 4km south of Mancora town.
Mancora is 1,164 km north of Lima and
120 km south of the border with Ecuador.


How to get here

There are several ways to get here.  From Lima there are
several daily flights to Piura (1:45 hr), Talara (1:50 hr) and to
Tumbes (2 hr), and in these airports there are taxi and van
services to Máncora (2:30 – 3 hours, 45-60 min and 1:30 – 2
hours, respectively). By land there are several bus
companies (Cruz del Sur, OLTURSA, etc) that take
approximately 17 hours to go from Lima to Mancora.
From Guayaquil, Ecuador it takes  5 or 6 hours.